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Millionaire Hoy Pro

Quick Look: Millionaire Hoy Pro is a subscription-based fitness channel containing numerous exercise routines. You can browse all of the content before subscribing, but there are no unlocked videos on the channel or free trial offers at this time.

The channel features 43+ workout programs and challenges and over 650 hours of exclusive content with new workouts added 3 times a week. You will also find monthly challenges, nutrition guides and exercise routines for all levels of fitness. Video categories include:

  • Top 100 popular Workouts
  • Workout Challenges
  • Workouts by Focus Area
  • Workout by Time
  • Workout by intensity
  • 15 Minute Combine and Repeat Workouts
  • 30 Day Advanced Home Workout
  • 30 Intermediate Workout
  • 7 Day Extreme 60 Min meltdown
  • 21 Day Busy body Challenge
  • Mod Squad 28 Modified Workout Challenge
  • 30 Min Burnouts
  • Full body inferno and about 20 more categories of videos

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-- Information is current as of March 28, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: With over 1,150+ fun, exciting, and effective workouts, the Millionaire Hoy Pro app is your destination for getting in the best shape of your life. Regardless of your fitness level or goals we have over 43+ workout programs tailored to help you achieve optimum results. Enjoy a wide range of workouts from HIIT, kickboxing, plyometrics, strength, yoga, cardio, calisthenics, CrossFit + new workouts added weekly so that you never get bored.

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DEVELOPER: Millionaire Hoy

FEES: $12.99/month or $117.99/year subscription