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Quick Look: MetroConf on Roku currently consists of a single hour-long "Monthly JW Broadcast" from Jehovah's Witnesses. The channel provides a code and website address that allows members to listen to local broadcasts, but you will need a PIN to enter on the website. The channel's home screen thumbnail shows "DEMO MODE," so we aren't sure this channel is fully functional at this time. If you have PIN from your local Kingdom Hall, go ahead and try it.

-- Information is current as of October 25, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Since 2012 METROCONF has been providing high-quality video and telephone hook-up and tie-in (conferencing) services for approximately 70,000 friends and Kingdom Halls across five times zones in the continental United States and Canada. METROCONF makes it very easy to watch and listen to the meetings at the Kingdom Hall. Callers use the app, or a toll-free number and receive a call back within minutes after calling the access number. This means that callers never pay long distance charges. A toll-free number 1-844-221-2100 is available to all callers in the continental USA and Canada. International callers and callers not wanting a call back may also use the app. Those friends that have computers, tablets, mobile phones and Internet access may also watch and listen.

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DEVELOPER: Powertunnel Communications

FEES: None

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