Mah Jongg

Mah Jongg is the original Roku version of mahjong solitaire, the Chinese tile-matching game. Launched by Jim Truscello in 2010, the game has continued to be updated as the Roku OS has evolved over the last decade.

The game offers five formations of differing difficulty, from easy to challenging, as shown in the screenshots below. Each formation has many different games, so you won't be playing the same setup over and over even if you stay with one formation.

The objective of mahjong solitaire is to select two matching tiles and remove them from the formation. You can remove only free tiles, which are those that not blocked by another tile on the left or right. Remove all of the tiles to win. The mahjong tiles consist of three Suits, three Dragons, four Winds, four Flowers, and four Seasons. Any Flower matches any other Flower, and any Seasons matches any other Season, but for Suits, Dragons, and Winds, tiles must match exactly (same suit/type and same value/color).

In Mah Jongg on Roku, you use the directional arrows to move from tile to tile. You can only move to free tiles, so you don't have to look too closely to see if a tile is blocked. Once you move to a tile, press OK to select it and then move to a matching tile and select OK again to select it. If both tiles match, they are removed from the formation.

The game displays the number of matching sets that be played at any give time, along with the number of sets that must be matched to win. If you get stuck and can't find any matching tiles, press the * button on your remote to automatically select a matching set. Don't worry - it's solitaire, so you're only cheating against yourself.

-- Information is current as of October 19, 2022

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: The classic Mah Jongg solitaire tile matching game with five layouts from the classic Turtle to an easier layout that's great for kids. Every game is guaranteed to have a solution. Features hints and multiple level undo/redo (undo/redo available in upgraded .game).

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DEVELOPER: Jim Truscello

FEES: None

Mah Jongg on Roku
Mah Jongg on Roku
Mah Jongg on Roku