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RokuGuide Review: Well over 100 films have been produced in the IMAX format since Tiger Child was demonstrated in Japan in 1970. Now you can watch a dozen nature documentaries, originally filmed in the IMAX format and shown in IMAX theaters, on your Roku through the Lost Worlds Nature Films channel, although you won't have the total immersion experience that you get from an IMAX theater viewing. Several of the titles can be purchased or rented on DVD or Amazon Video on Demand, but none are available through Netflix streaming.

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If you want to try before you buy, the Lite version of the Lost Worlds Nature Films channel offers you these three films for free:

  • Africa: The Serengeti (1994) - brings to life the incredible story of the greatest migration of land animals anywhere on earth.
  • Lost Worlds: Life in the Balance (2001) - To tell a compelling story about life's variety and our place within it, the film sweeps viewers from the Poles to the Tropics and propels us on an expedition to the remote and mysterious Lost World region of southern Venezuela.
  • Ocean Oasis (2000) - What powerful geologic forces collided to carve out this unique region? What drives the strong currents that make this ocean so unusually rich in nutrients? How does life thrive in a seemingly barren landscape? Ocean Oasis mesmerizes us with revealing and memorable scenes that explore these mysteries.

The full Lost Worlds Nature Films channel can be purchased for a one-time charge (not a recurring subscription) of $19.95 and adds nine additional films, including the following:

  • Amazing Journeys (1999)- Follows five of the most unusual, lengthy, strenuous and amusing animal migrations anywhere. The film captures the life-and-death dramas of the incredible journeys of the monarch butterflies, migratory birds, gray whales, red crabs and zebras.
  • Antarctica (1991) - Follows man's thirst for exploration to the highest, driest, windiest, coldest continent on Earth.
  • Bears (2001) - Brings you closer than ever before to some of the world's largest terrestrial animals in the full glory of their natural habitat. From polar bears in the arctic tundra to black bears in the Northern Rockies.
  • Great North (2001) - Features the wild vistas of some of the world's most spectacular landscapes -- the Arctic regions of Quebec and Labrador, as well as northern Sweden.
  • Ocean Voyagers (2007) - Explores the familiar themes of motherhood and parenting in a world as unfamiliar as it is breathtaking. Featuring a precocious newborn humpback calf and his enormous 40 ton mother, we are taken on a journey of discovery into their world.
  • Wild Australia: The Edge (1996) - Filmed on the doorstep of Australia's largest city, this film is about an ancient wilderness... a labyrinth of lost worlds and magical places - beautiful and treacherous waterfalls, canyons and underground rivers.

--RokuGuide Reviewed on February 2, 2011

Developer's Channel Description: An awe-inspiring collection of 12 full-length nature documentaries including Ocean Voyagers, Ocean Oasis, Lost Worlds, Great North, Bears, Australia, Antarctica, Amazing Journeys, Alaska, and Africa The Serengeti. (formerly called "IMAX").



FEES: $19.95 one-time purchase (purchase onscreen through the Channel Store); no charge for Lost Worlds Nature Films Lite

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