Levels - Dance Program

Levels - Dance Program provides subscribers with the following dance instruction:

  • Breaking (Levels 1-3, 7 lessons per level)
  • Hip Hop Lessons (3 lessons)
  • Contemporary Lessons (3 lessons)
  • Academy (2 videos)

A few of the videos are shows as "free" but they display a message that they are not currently available, as does at least one other video that we sampled, so subscribe at your own risk.

-- Information is current as of April 26, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: There’s Levels to This Dance Thing… Levels is the #1 online dance platform created to educate dance teachers and to assist dancers with their at-home training. Improve your skills, get help with moves or get a workout in at a pace that works for you. With a rise in popularity of Breakin and Hip Hop all over the world there is now a huge demand to offer these styles at your studios. Whether you’re trying to learn a fun new skill or preparing to teach a fantastic class, you have found a true partner and coach on your journey. Levels has linked with top industry professionals who are influential educators in their field of expertise. With over 150+ combined years of teaching, these educators are responsible for training A-List celebrities, Olympic athletes, and now they are here to teach you.

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DEVELOPER: The Studance Lab

FEES: $19.99/month