Quick Look: Lessonflix is an online teaching platform designed to assist students in their studies. Classes are taught by board-certified teachers, many of whom are actively teaching in schools around the country. The courses follow the traditional curriculum used in both public and private sector schools around the country, keeping your kids on track.

Classes are offered in the following categories:

  • English Language and Literature - Over 100 options available
  • Mathematics - Over 100 videos covering all levels of math including Algebra, Addition/Subtraction, Probability, Pythagoras Theorem and more
  • Science - 40 videos discussing Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  • Geography - 9 lessons available
  • History - 35 videos available covering major events throughout history
  • Modern Foreign Languages - 50 videos teaching Spanish, Russian, French
  • Psychology - 2 videos available
  • Politics - 14 videos available
  • Art & Design - 24 tutorial videos
  • Audio Books - 4 titles including The Kid Who Came from Space, A Christmas Carol, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Animal Farm
  • Collections - 36 collections available
  • Subject Bundles - 8 options available

In addition to the online learning you can also download worksheets to track your progress. There are a few free classes available at the very bottom or the channel.

Below is an introduction to the channel from some of the on-staff faculty.

-- Information is current as of October 15, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Whether you are a current student or want to increase your knowledge, we are sure to have some lessons for you. Our teachers have created great lessons across many subjects. Every month 100+ more are added. A key benefit is that almost all of our teachers are also in the classroom every day. Working with students keeps them fresh and up to date with the lessons they are creating for you. We look forward to teaching you!

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DEVELOPER: Lessonflix Ltd

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