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Quick Look: Latino PBS offers a single live stream of programming for the Latino community in the United States. Latino PBS is not affiliated with the Public Broadcasting Service that brings us programming such as This Old House and Antiques Roadshow. Rather, Latino PBS is an online service of TVC+, which "began as an entertainment television network that featured authentic Latino programming that is produced almost exclusively in Mexico." The channel promises to "offer the best programming from 6 distinct Mexican originating networks, into a single U.S. channel for stateside viewers. The variety of programs will include shows of unique interest to women, as well as sports, news, music and movies."

-- Information is current as of October 27, 2017

Developer's Channel Description: Latino PBS is dedicated to serving the Latino community with bilingual programming and services of the highest quality, using media to educate, inspire, entertain, and express the diversity of subjects. Latino PBS offers unique programming that expands the minds of our viewers, documentaries that open up new worlds, programs that educates the community on critical issues including living a healthy lifestyle, encouraging wealth, increasing awareness of important issues. Our extensive programming allows us to capture the interest of first, second, and following generations to come that are still in touch with their roots. This makes Latino PBS a strong diversified entertainment channel. Latino PBS is owned and operated by a private, non profit 501(c)(3) Organization

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