Kino Cult

Quick Look: Kino Cult offers viewers an eclectic mix of independent, vintage, cult classic, and grindhouse films with a propensity towards horror, or at least unsettling content. Not all of the videoa are in English and a few only have subtitles.

Titles range from familiar favorites like "The Ape" (1940), starring Boris Karloff, and "Devil Bat" (1940), with Bela Lugosi, to slightly more obscure (and newer) titles such as "Killbillies" (2015) and "Rawhead Rex" (1986). Videos Are available in the following categories:

  • Recently Added
  • Drive-In Favorites
  • 70's & 80's Flashback
  • Mario Bava: The Master
  • Artsploitation Collection
  • Occult
  • Hardboiled Horror
  • Mod Love
  • Documentaries
  • The Classics
  • Crime and Suspense
  • Golden Age of Exploitation
  • Jess Franco's Strange Obsessions

-- Information is current as of October 15, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Kino Cult is a deep dive into unapologetically weird genre cinema, blending recent arthouse discoveries with hundreds of outrageous midnight movies and grindhouse classics.

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DEVELOPER: Giant Interactive LLC

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