Kanto: Karaoke at home

Kanto: Karaoke at home is the TV app for Kanto karaoke subscribers. This is one of the very rare Roku channels/apps that we have not tested ourselves, but here is the description provided by Kanto [1]:

Kanto is a multi-platform community to sing anywhere and connect with other people by singing. You can sing with family and friends in your living room with the TV app, use the mobile app to sing online, record yourself and share it on social media with the community to stand out in all Kanto apps.

In the TV app it is also possible to view your own recordings and the recordings featured in the community, react to the best videos and follow the singers with a single click.

One of the main differentials of Kanto is the multi-platform interaction that gives you the best singing experience on TV. Up to 20 cell phones can be connected to a TV device in a group session through the Kanto apps. Everyone can manage the playlist, react to the singer on duty with stickers, messages and photos from the cell phone. Everyone have the control of the party in their hands.

-- Information is current as of August 31, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: With Kanto install your own karaoke on the greatest screen at home. Choose your favorite songs and sing with high sound quality. Enjoy songs grouped in special playlists for every moment and occasion. Kanto constantly adds trending songs to your catalog. Discover what is new!

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DEVELOPER: Karaoke Smart LLC

FEES: $49.99/year