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Quick Look: iWebTV Player is only available to those Roku subscribers that currently own an iPad or iPhone - sorry Android users. In order to use this channel you must download the app from the iTunes store. Once you have done that you tap the connect icon and you are ready to start streaming your favorite videos on your Roku connected television.

The app promises to allow you to cast any online video up to 1080p HD to your TV screen. iWebTV's web browser is optimized for video web sites; it automatically detects and discards nasty popups that get in the way, so you can easily find and enjoy your video content.

1. Navigate to your favorite video web site
2. The app will detect any video you start playing from the browser
3. Add one or more videos to your queue, sit back and enjoy the show!"

iWebTV's Highlights include:
• HD resolution supported (720p, 1080p)
• Live streams OK
• Open multiple browser tabs
• Quick content access: set your own home page, bookmark web page and videos - the browser automatically discards nasty popups found on some video sites.
• Skip Video Ads, go straight to the good stuff
• Browse the web and collect more videos during playback
• Full-featured browser & familiar navigation controls so you're already up to speed: bookmarks, home page, back / fwd, search or enter url from the URL navigation bar
• Full playback controls play/pause, skip video segment, 30 seconds jump in either direction etc.
• Multiple devices can connect simultaneously to update the play queue

Some of the features above require in-app purchase

-- Information is current as of July 1, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Cast any online video to your TV (Use with the companion iWebTV app for iOS).

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