Innovative Language - French

Innovative Language - French offers French lessons for the "Absolute Beginner" and for the "Upper Beginner". Absolute beginners can choose from two sets of language lessons. "French in Three Minutes" provides 11 short lessons on topics that include Self Introductions, French Manners, and Greetings. The other set of lessons, "," consists of 25 audio-only lessons that are each also just a couple of minutes in length.

Upper beginners have access to 25 lessons. Each lesson shows a picture or video while an associated French word or phrase is shown on the screen and read out loud.

Innovative Language also offers Roku-based instruction in Spanish, English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, and Russian.

-- Information is current as of January 4, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: Learn French the fast, fun, and easy way with Innovative French. Start speaking real life French through our fun and effective lessons. You'll learn the vocabulary and grammar behind daily French conversation plus culture tips you won't find in a textbook!

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DEVELOPER: Float Left Interactive

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