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Infinity Movies contains a collection of foreign films, the vast majority of which are of Asian origin. Films are available in the usual genres, such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Documentary, and Fantasy. Titles include The King's Letters, a 2009 Korean historical drama about King Sejong, who risked everything of his to invent the Hunminjungeum (Korean Script) for his people and the people who weren't recorded in history; Search Out (Seochi aut), a 2020 South Korean thriller about a trainee policeman, a job seeker and a hacker who team up to find out who sent the message "What is the significance of your life?" to a woman who ended up committing suicide; and Please Don't Save Me, a 2020 South Korean drama in which a mother and her 12-year-old move to a new place after her father committed suicide leaving behind a large sum of debt for them.

Non-Asian films include Missing Link, a 2000 Dutch film about a young boy who develops a passion for archeology and tries to unravel the truth about his ancestry; and Summer Rebels (2000), a Slovencina-language tale about a boy who wants to visit his cool grandpa for a summer of fun on the river. His mom has other plans so the boy takes off on an adventure of his own in this tale of rebellion, friendship, catastrophe and, ultimately, redemption.

This channel also includes a number of film shorts, music videos, and TV series.

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