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I'm Inside Jew

I'm Inside Jew Quick Look: I'm Inside Jew recounts tales from Guru Herbie Pearlman, who offers "astro-spiritual advice and wisdom." Titles include:

  • Ram Dass is a terrible Dishwasher: Ram Dass teaches Herbie a powerful life lesson (9m12s)
  • Herbie Noir: Herbie discusses the intricacies of judgment and perspective (1h 05m)
  • The Vagaries of Time: Herbie recounts a series of events in which his presence was found to be inconvenient (27min)
  • The Guru in the Sky: Herbie answers all questions spiritual (23min)
  • Breakfast with Herbie: Guru Herbie Pearlman and avantgarde director Brian Labrecque discuss climate change, enlightenment, alternate realities, Buddhism, the afterlife, the meaning of life, and ways to prevent the end of the world. (1h 20min)
  • The Herbie Show: The original 5 episodes of the Herbie Pearlman Show. Herbie declares his candidacy for Precedent (29min)
  • Space Wisdom: Spiritual Wisdom from outer space. (10m 08s)
  • Sports Wisdom: Sports and NFL wisdom from outer-space (12m 07s)
  • The Ballet of 4-22: Random thoughts from Herbie on his most magical of days (23min)

-- Information is current as of May 14, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Astro-spiritual advice and wisdom from the Guru Herbie Pearlman. All Things religious and political, let Herbie be your cult leader.

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DEVELOPER: Labrecque Art and Film

FEES: None

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