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Hot Rock TV Country

Quick Look: Hot Rock TV Country is a 30-minute show that originally aired in 2013, showcasing some of today's emerging country talent that would "put a dance in your pants and a move on your groove." Each episode features music videos from artists performing original songs. In most cases the artist and song title are identified, but not always. There are 24 episodes currently available, each containing several music videos.

Below is a video found on one of the Hot Rock TV episodes.

Please note that the "Hot Rock TV" Roku channel released in August 2018 is still available in the Roku Channel Store but has not content other than the splash screen.

-- Information is current as of January 10, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Hot Rock TV Country - Television show, Showcasing the newest Country, Rock n' Roll and Dance talent from around the country.

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DEVELOPER: Barons Media

FEES: None

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