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Haunted House Next Door 2018

Quick Look: Haunted House Next Door 2018 on Roku features a video with rain and frightening figures that randomly appear while eerie music and thunder are heard in the background. The channel streams a 90-minute animation that shows a haunted house as seen from your window. Watch ghostly apparitions caution you to be quiet while a hooded person swings an axe in a blood-red room. Lights flicker off and on in an upstairs room. Watch closely to see spooky things will appear next.

The video on this channel is the same as the video found on last year's The Halloween Window, which is a clone of the Halloween Haunted Window channel that was released the year before that, and runs the same video that is shown in the video clip below. (Yeah, we put you through all that explanation because we were too lazy to create a new preview video.)

-- Information is current as of October 12, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Are you having a get together for that most spooky occasion? Are The kids having a ghostly sleepover? let INC set the mood for you! Just put this on the TV set and let it play. Your TV becomes your window on the haunted neighbors! Scenes change and so does the weather! Lots of little surprises along the way!

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DEVELOPER: Moturoais Corporation

FEES: None