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Quick Look: Gusto TV contains an enormous collection of specialty cooking shows with programming covers many cooking habits and styles. From grilling outdoors or vegetarian dishes to seafood and authentic Italian meals, each video walks you through the proper preparation and implementation of the dish while the host entertains you with fun facts and provides a few professional tips along the way.

The available shows include the following:

  • Spencer’s BIG 30 - Spencer’s BIG 30 is a fast-paced series featuring healthy, hearty meals for four that can be made by anyone in around 30 minutes, for around 30 dollars.
  • Flour Power - A fun, stylish and playful series that is all about sharing the love and joy of baking. Step back in time with our lovely host Jessica McGovern in her retro inspired kitchen.
  • Fish the Dish - A playful and delicious half-hour of television that follows Chef Spencer Watts as he cooks up some of his favorite seafood dishes in preparation for his new cookbook all about fish. His animated, high-energy personality shines through as he makes accessible, tasty recipes with sustainable fish and shellfish.
  • One World Kitchen - A creative and high style cooking series featuring nine cuisines: Argentinian, Italian, Thai, Japanese, Indian, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Cantonese, and Greek. The young and vibrant hosts will captivate your audience by teaching them how to master the world’s hottest dishes and showing them age-old cooking secrets from their unique cultures.
  • DNA Dinners - A ground-breaking new series that explores the diverse heritages of 16 individuals with a twist. Watch as they discover their roots through DNA analysis and celebrate them through cooking.
  • Watts on the Grill - A mouth-watering program that will inspire us to entertain guests outdoors and grill up some crispy, crunchy, juicy, succulent, and delicious barbecue for friends and family.
  • The Urban Vegetarian - A stylish half-hour of delicious and nutritious entertainment. Host Desiree Nielsen transforms everyday veggies into delightful dishes and bakes up decadent desserts.
  • Bonacini’s Italy - Celebrity Chef Michael Bonacini cooks his way through 15 Italian regions, exploring the flavors and ingredients that make these areas unique.
  • The Latin Kitchen - An upbeat half-hour of culinary favorites from Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela. In their very own rustic Latin Kitchen, Juan Pablo (Venezuela), Luis (Mexico) and Tigretón (Spain) give us fresh takes on traditional Latin meals. Our hosts introduce us to simple techniques and new ingredients sure to spice up any dinner party or weeknight meal.
  • Fresh Market Dinners - A traveling cooking series that takes us on a Canadian culinary journey from market to plate. In each half-hour episode, host Amanda Herrera brings us to local farmers markets, where she discovers local produce and artisanal products and learns more about the people who harvest the ingredients.
  • Let’s Brunch - A delightful cooking series dedicated to everyone’s favorite leisurely and decadent mid-morning meal. Hosted by the bubbly Vanessa Gianfrancesco, Let’s Brunch showcases sweet and savory recipes, along with the occasional refreshing beverage or cozy latte.
  • A is for Apple - A fun and fresh take on the food challenge show genre. In each episode, one of our three hip, young chefs randomly picks a letter of the alphabet and goes shopping for two very different ingredients that start with that letter (apples and anchovies, bananas and bacon, chicken and chocolate – just to name a few).
  • Pressure’s ON - Take the pressure off weeknight cooking with host Vanessa Gianfrancesco in Pressure’s ON. This lively culinary series inspires with weekday meal plans that feature savory and sweet easy-to-make dishes using a versatile multi-cooker.
  • Crate to Plate - A documentary television series that follows the amazing journey of a home-grown Canadian ingredient from its originating source to its final destination.
  • License to Grill - A series that celebrates the joys of summer backyard entertaining and the BBQ. Each episode takes place on a Saturday afternoon as host and Chef Robert Rainford prepares to have people over for dinner that evening.
  • Road Grill - Are you ready to barbecue? In each episode of Road Grill, Matt Dunigan and his team set up their giant barbecue road show at a new location and event, bringing love, laughs and great food to people enjoying the summertime outdoors.
  • Cook Like a Chef - Returning for a fresh sixth season, Cook Like a Chef inspires by focusing on how to cook as opposed to what to cook. The renewed series repeats its predecessor’s recipe for success by featuring a group of innovative, talented young chefs as they explore and explain the arcana of cooking techniques. It also returns to the dramatic 360-degree cooking environment pioneered by the original and is presented in the same fun ‘live-to-tape’ shooting style. Breaking the fourth wall, each episode centers on a single ingredient or theme, as prepared by an expert chef who shares tips, tricks, and cooking techniques.

If this is not enough content for you, check out the Gusto TV YouTube channel for additional videos including the one found below.

-- Information is current as of October 14, 2021

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