Guess the word - Word Search by Pics, A Puzzle & Brain Trivia Game for Kids

Guess the word - Word Search by Pics, A Puzzle & Brain Trivia Game for Kids is a simplified word puzzle game based on the Android and iOS game Pictoword. The game presents the player with a hint to a word and four cartoon-style images. The player selects two of the images to form the correct word. Here are three examples from the game:

  • Hint: World largest social network website - select the cartoon head and the stock of books to create "Facebook".
  • Hint: Thing in which you receive letters - select the envelope and the box to create "mailbox"
  • Hint: Famous US sports - basket and ball to create... well, you get the idea.

If you select the correct images, you move to the next word. If you select the wrong images, you're told you're wrong and get to try again. The free version of this game, Rookie Ride, includes 10 words. For $2.99 you can unlock the Word Quest version and play through 140 words. There is no strategy and no gameplay other than progressing through all the words.

The game's title states that it is for kids, and the simplicity of the game supports that. However, some of the words may be a bit advanced for younger children, and not always appropriate. For example, is a child who is young enough for such a simple game going to know that "a thing used in romantic dinner dates" is "candlelight" (made up of a lit candle and a flashlight)? And "a smoking item" ("ashtray") may not be considered appropriate for a game directed towards young children.

-- Information is current as of April 14, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: Test your knowledge by selecting two pictures to find the answer. Similar to Pictoword and 4 Pics 1 Word, Guess the Word adds a new twist to the classic puzzle guessing game. To play, you will be presented with a clue and four images to choose from. Select the two images that best complete the clue like an image of foot and a ball making up the word 'football'. If you need help, use free hints to guide you. This game includes several levels packs, such as Rookie Ride and Word Quest. Get the family together for a thrilling trivia game and put your brains to the test. It’s a great game for kids who want to have some fun or looking forward to build their comprehension skills. With this fun and addictive brain-training game, your mental abilities will be put to the ultimate test. It will engage and challenge your cognitive abilities and leave you wanting more!

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DEVELOPER: Ibex Interactive

FEES: None for basic entry level game; $2.99 one-time purchase for 140-word version

Guess The Word Roku game
Guess The Word Roku game
Guess The Word Roku game
Guess The Word Roku game