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Grindhouse Grit Ultra

Quick Look: Grindhouse Grit Ultra is loaded with grindhouse films spanning decades, with content found in the following categories:

  • Late Night (Adults Only) - Numerous Russ Meyer titles such as Mondo Topless and Common Law Cabin, plus Marilyn Chambers and the Emanuelle series
  • Original programming - A very tame collection of movies and links to the developers other channels
  • War - A mix of historic documentary-style videos and vintage B-movies
  • Grindhouse Essentials - Nearly two dozen movies featuring sex, violence, and gore
  • Double Features - Westerns, martial arts, and monsters
  • Spagetti Westerns - 15 titles including "Don't Wait Django, Shoot" and "The Revenge of Ringo"
  • Martial Arts - 15 titles including "Ninja Commandments" and "SnakeFist Dynamo"

The channel comes with a parental warning due to some of the graphic content.

If this channel does not offer enough grindhouse content for you, check out our Best Grindhouse Channels featuring a list of more grindhouse channels.

-- Information is current as of April 18, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Welcome to the Grindhouse, baby! We are taking the best of all genres and bringing them to you! New classics and original programs added regularly. You want babes? GGU has got the hottest! You want guns? GGU is packing what you need! You want gore? Say no more, we’ve got the stuff you crave. This is just a taste, a sample of our goods! Come back for more often and get the juice, the GGU way!

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DEVELOPER: Moturoais Corporation

FEES: None