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Quick Look: GodTV provides a "verse of the day" for the current and nine previous days. Each day's version is presented as text on a stock photo background. Perhaps of more interest to many people is the ability to access live streams from the following 14 television channels or networks (descriptions adapted from those provided in the GodTV Roku channel):

  • CatholicTV - A beacon of hope and a unique herald of the simple yet profound message of Jesus Christ.
  • Revelation TV - A UK protestant Christian television channel started by Howard and Lesley Conder in 2003.
  • It's Supernatural! Network - Proclaiming Jesus as the Jewish Messiah.
  • CBN News HD - The latest national and international news 24 hours a day from a team of journalists dedicated to timely, in-depth, truthful reporting and analysis.
  • Jim Bakker - The Jim Bakker Show is an hour-long daily broadcast that is aired throughout the world.
  • CBN Live - Containing segments from The 700 Club, CBN News, and more, representing an online network of high-quality Christian entertainment and information.
  • Bible Explorations
  • BVOV Network HD - From Kenneth Copeland Ministries and Eagle Mountain International Church
  • Alfa y Omega - A media ministry founded in 1994 and located in Timisoara, Romania.
  • CTN HD - Diversified programs that are representative of a local and national interdenominational mix, featuring a wide variety of inspirational programming.
  • Corner Stone HD - Proclaims the Gospel in the Western Hemisphere and throughout the Globe.
  • Hope Channel HD - The official television network of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, with programs on wholistic Christian living.
  • NRB Network - A diverse lineup ranging from preaching and teaching programs on Sunday to shows about nature, history, public policy, financial education, and more.
  • GCN

-- Information is current as of February 20, 2020

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