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The God Channel tv

The God Channel tv currently has three video series from Stephen Paul Burke, author of several theology books. The series are:

  • Doing - From Salvation To Success
  • Discipleship - Kingdom Living
  • Doctrine - What The Bible Teaches

-- Information is current as of June 5, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: The God Channel reveals how to apply God's Word in your life, teaching Christians how to access the promises of God and apply the Scriptures to activate the kingdom empowerments that Christ delivered on the cross, and still delivers to those who believe today. Discover how to go from entry level Christianity - the foundation and foundational realities of the Christian faith, into what Christ expects, which is Discipleship. And from Discipleship into becoming an active and participating Christian in all things God has placed in you and for you to deliver to the world.

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DEVELOPER: Stephen Paul Burke

FEES: None