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Gamers Realm

Quick Look: Gamers Realm offers videos from two YouTube channels,
Ares gaming and SwiftKarateChop, which also has its own Roku channel. THe Gamers Realm channel offers content which includes the following:

  • Thug Life - Video montages and compilations from games like Fortnite
  • Gaming Tips - Games include Dethroned, Catlateral Damage, Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thrones and Blades and Soul
  • Game Reviews - Games include Black Desert, Balls & Holes, Assassins Cred IV Black Flag and Art of Conquest
  • Unboxing - Merchandise from the 1UP box
  • Mobile Game Reviews - Games include Forge of Gods, Elsworld and Diggy's Adventure, Can you Dig it

An example of the videos on this channel can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of March 28, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Gamers Realm is where you can get the latest game reviews, game wins and fails, walkthroughs, and video game news. We feature all the top games and preview what’s coming up next in the realm of gaming!

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DEVELOPER: Tech and Career LLC

FEES: None