Galloping Movies

Quick Look: Galloping Movies contains eight nature-related documentary movies that the whole family can enjoy. Each film offers a trailer as well as a brief synopsis of the film. Titles are:

  • Apex Survival - Studying the Great White Shark off the coast of South Africa
  • Last of the Big Tuskers - Studying the elephants of Africa and means to keep them safe
  • Lean, Mean and Green - A look at dying regions of this country and the people that live there
  • Monkey Menace - Explores the conflicts between India's Macaques and the human population
  • Scars - A study of Risso's Dolphins with insight into their lives and behavior
  • Sheltered in Oaks - studies the squirrels living in the Ilam Province of Iran
  • The Future Makers - A look at Global Warming and the people creating solutions that won't cost the Earth
  • The Laps - Two friends leave home to travel the world and reconnect with nature

Below is a trailer for one of the films available on this channel.

-- Information is current as of September 2, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Galloping Movies is a source of great nature-related documentary movies. There is no fiction, just a plan, actions, and real life with all the twists and turns. Thanks to active people and their passion for life and nature, we can set off to discover another life, outstanding animals, and fabulous wild locations.

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