Quick Look: G4R-KaBoom!! plays the same as the Minesweeper game on Roku. The object is to clear a minefield, which consists of a grid of 124 squares, without detonating any of the 20 randomly placed hidden mines.

To play, use your remote's arrow keys to highlight any cell in the grid, then press the OK button. If that cell contains a mine, the game is over. If no mine is revealed but a mine is in one or more adjacent cells, then the selected cell shows a number indicating the number of adjacent cells that contain a mine. Using information on the number of adjacent mines, try to identify which cells contain mines and which are safe. Correctly identify the locations of all mines while clearing all remaining cells, and you win.

The game is timed and the number of cleared spaces are counted. The game also asks you to register using your Roku account information to unlock extra features. I was not able to determine what these features were other than allowing you to use a nickname in the game. To unregister, click on the * button which will bring up the menu where you can delete your information.

-- Information is current as of December 13, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Clear the minefield of hidden bombs.

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DEVELOPER: Yungblood Enterprises

FEES: None