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Frankly News Roku

Quick Look: The purpose of the Frankly News Roku channel is not clear - it presents a seemingly random collection of news feeds and video on demand from a variety of unrelated sources. The channel includes local news videos from WRCB Channel 3 in Chattanooga, political news from KSTP in Minneapolis-St. Paul, and business news from BizWireTV. Also available are 100 travel videos (example video titles: "Ghost Hunting in Asheville" and "Let's Go Glamping") and 57 lifestyle videos (examples: "3 Great Ways to Explore Art in the South" and "How to Throw a Cast Net Without Ending Up in the Water"), and videos in the categories of College Sports, High School Sports, and Minneapolis Sports. The Weather category provides a live stream from WRCB in Chattanooga, with options for San Francisco, Oakland, Long Island City, and Melbourne. However, the San Francisco and Oakland selections show the Chattanooga video feed, so it's not certain that the weather statistics are correct for the listed cities.

The channel comes from the company that developed Frankly CMS, a content management system for broadcast media, so it's possible that this channel is just a demonstration for potential clients.

-- Information is current as of November 14, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: FRKTV News

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DEVELOPER: Frankly, Co.

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