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Flaming Frontiers Strips

Quick Look: Flaming Frontiers Strips has all 15 chapters of the 1938 film serial "Flaming Frontiers" that starred Johnny Mack Brown. A summary of the serial is provided by "Tom Grant has found a rich gold vein and Bart Eaton is after it. Tom's sister Mary heads for the gold fields and Eaton and his men follow. Eaton teams up with Ace Daggett who plans to doublecross him and get the gold for himself. They frame Tom for murder and then try to get him to sign over his claim. The famous scout Tex Houston is on hand, escaping the attempts on his life, saving Mary from various perils, and trying to bring in the real killer and clear Tom."

A promotional video for Flaming Frontiers can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of December 19, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: When was the last time you reveled in a high-profile cliffhanger that had been keeping you on tenterhooks? Can barely recall one? Then give a shot to Flaming Frontiers, another momentous screenie starring Johnny Mack Brown. This time the valiant character – Tom Grant – discovers a rich gold vein and Bart Eaton is gunning for it. Though no one knows the exact location of the gold fields, the intruders are brought there by accident following Tom’s sister every step of the way.

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