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Fit At Any Age

Quick Look: Fit At Any Age on Roku is full of low-impact exercise videos for all ages and levels of fitness. Exercises are low impact and taught/demonstrated by professional trainers. Fitness categories include:

  • Start Your Day - 7 stretching and light yoga videos
  • Take it Easy - 9 easy exercises
  • Intermediate and Advanced - 5 more rigorous exercise videos
  • Zone Training - 9 videos to target specific body regions
  • Yoga - 9 Tutorial yoga videos
  • Pilates - 6 tutorial Pilates videos
  • Tai Chi - 3 tutorial videos for all levels
  • Sit and Be Fit - 16 fitness videos that can be performed in a sitting position
  • Fit and Fun - Easy fun exercises for all ages and fitness levels
  • Relax and Unwind - 3 relaxation videos
  • Ann Smith - 5 tutorial videos
  • Nancy Marmorat - 22 tutorial videos

All of the videos are full-length, providing a full workout, not short clips demonstrating a specific more or exercise. An example video from this channel is available below.

-- Information is current as of October 19, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Regardless of age or ability, now you can get moving anywhere you are with our team of veteran exercise pros who will guide you through a wide range of effective workouts to help you get or stay Fit At Any Age! Whether you’re interested in yoga, Pilates, stretching, aerobic and seated exercises or strength training, Tai Chi, weight loss or senior fitness, you can join experts such as Mary Ann Wilson, Ann Smith, Jason Chan, Lilias Fallon, Nancy Marmorat and others for proven workouts sure to help you achieve your fitness goals anytime you choose. Start today and look and feel better tomorrow!

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