FilmFun5 is an interactive channel with minimal content. The channel consists of lists, trivia and top 5's that you might expect to find during an intermission or before the start of a movie. There are several tabs to click on to get "useful" information:

  • Best Ranked Films - a list of AFI's best ranked films in Epic, Comedy, Mystery, Sports, Sci Fi, Fantasy, and Animation
  • World Wide Name Origins - A randomly generated name with Origin/Meaning and Gender
  • History Today - A seemingly endless list of random facts that occurred on that specific day
  • Smart Snack Alternatives- Randomly generated helpful hints to keep in shape
  • Everyday in the Theater - Lists of etiquette and proper manners in a movie theater
  • Kiddie Quiz - An endless supply of trivia questions and answers for ages 8-80
  • Movie Quiz - Test your movie knowledge, you are asked 3 questions and graded on your knowledge

-- Information is current as of July 17, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Entertainment for all audiences before watching a movie or during an intermission. Enjoy while your family gathers for the feature presentation!

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DEVELOPER: DiscoveryTrekSoftware

FEES: None