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Fastpitch Softball TV

Fastpitch Softball TVQuick Look: The Fastpitch Softball TV channel is dedicated to the sport of Softball. The channel is separated out in 3 main categories:
Fastpitch Softball TV- The tab consists of over 250 interviews with past and present players and coaches from around the country. The videos last from 20 minutes to over 40, and cover a wide range of topics from hitting and fielding to interviews with Hall of Fame inductees.
Fastpitch Chat-This is a series of videos covering player techniques and training, and medical advice from Dr. Sherry Werner,PhD.
Softball Stuff- This option brings you the latest "technology" for the game and the advancements made in equipment design and innovation.

-- Information is current as of October 13, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Bringing you interviews from Hall Of Fame players, and coaches. Along with great softball drills, and softball product reviews. All brought to you on a weekly basis by your host Gary Leland. For more information visit their website at http://Fastpitch.TV

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