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Evlo Fitness

Quick Look: Evlo Fitness is a series of workouts designed by fitness expert and physical therapist Dr. Shannon Ritchey, DPT. The Evlo Fitness Roku channel includes a library of daily classes, with a new class added every weekday. On Mondays you'll get a half-hour lower body build followed by a 15-minute cardio burst. Tuesday is upper body build day. Wednesday is a targeted burn (quads, inner thighs, abs, etc.) followed by another cardio burst. Thursdays are the day for "flow + strengthen." Friday is the big day, with close to an hour of "Full-Body Build & Burn."

If the Monday through Friday workouts aren't enough for you, you can spend your weekends (or any other free time) following on-demand videos in the following categories:

  • By Format - Multiple videos can be found under Build, Burn, Flow + Strengthen, Cardio, Build & Burn, Travel (minimal equipment)
  • Joint-friendly - Select from these videos you have issue with any of these joints: Spine, Wrist/elbow, Knee, Neck, Shoulder, Hip, Ankle/foot
  • Recovery - Educational webinars, Stability, Mobility, Yoga, Meditation, Form breakdowns
  • By Muscle Group - Glues, Legs, Arms & Upper Body, Trunk (Abs & Back)
  • By Time - Various workout durations are available

An example of Dr. Ritchey's workouts can be streamed below.

-- Information is current as of June 4, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Evlo Fitness utilizes science to create fitness classes that result in fit bodies with minimal wear-and tear. Evlo was created by fitness expert and physical therapist Dr. Shannon Ritchey. Prior to starting Evlo, Dr. Shannon owned a private PT practice and worked with hundreds of fitness-minded clients whose routines were causing joint damage and pain. She realized there was a clear need for workouts that were effective but didn't cause joint damage and pain. With new classes almost everyday, you're never bored. You will take a variety of live and on-demand classes led by Dr. Shannon, including Burn (Pilates), Build (weight lifting), Yoga with weights, stability and mobility classes, cardio classes, and more. The live classes stay recorded on the site, so take them live or at your convenience.
The Evlo Method is truly the anti-aging exercise method, as it creates strong, fit bodies with minimal wear-and-tear.

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DEVELOPER: Evlo Fitness

FEES: $55.99/month or $599/year, both with a 7-day free trial