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Ento live Network

Ento live Network offers a collection of indy films from Film Volt Media that covers a wide range of genres that include animation, fantasy, LGBTQ, horror, documentary, and more. Currently-popular titles include Latin Lover - The Pool Boy (2018), about a university student from a comfortable, middle class family who is forced to spend his summer vacation cleaning pools when his parents are struck down with financial problems; Lady Frankenstein, 1971 Italian horror film about a trio of grave robbers in Western-Central Europe in the 1860s who deliver a corpse to Baron Frankenstein for reanimation; and The Women in the Sand, a 2018 documentary about two feisty elders of the Timbisha Tribe who fight the US Government and their own tribal council for justice as they struggle to save their ancient culture in the hottest place on earth, Death Valley, CA.

-- Information is current as of June 5, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: Ento live Network part of the Film Volt Media Group Streaming Free Worldwide. bringing you some of the best Indy Viewing in Sport, Horror, Feature and Short Films Documentaries and much moor direct to your TV Set.

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