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Echelon Pulp Action

Quick Look: Echelon Pulp Action comes with a parental warning that the content may not be suitable for all viewers. The channel contains a collection of over 50 Grindhouse films, which generally consist of a fair amount of sex, violence, or bizarre subject matter. This channel is heavy in the latter two, with titles that include the infamous film series Faces of Death, the ever popular Black Cobra series, Walking Tall (1973) starring Joe Don Baker and Leif Garrett, early Jackie Chan movies [Master with Cracked Fingers (1973) and The 36 Crazy Fists(1977)], as well as many other martial arts films.

The channel is free with ads, but you can watch the movies uninterrupted for $0.99 each.

-- Information is current as of May 10, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Buckle up for non-stop action and adventure with a wide range of the best Pulp Action Movies to hit the Screen. Download Pulp Action Channel Today!

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DEVELOPER: Stream Go Media, LLC

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