Drift Racing

Quick Look: Drift Racing is far from a high-speed video game with amazing graphics; rather, it is a somewhat simplistic arcade game and there is a slight lag in response to the remote. However, the game is entertaining and definitely worth a look.

You start out the game with a very basic no-frills vehicle. However, after running a couple of races you can build up some cash to either upgrade your vehicle or purchase a better model, both of which are done in the "Garage". If you just want to race there are 5 different options:

  • Timed
  • Endurance
  • Exhibition
  • Circuit
  • Grand Prix

Each of these events is different; some of the events, such as Timed, are just you on the track collecting coins and fuel while avoiding the "road blocks" which will stop you and end the race Others, like the Grand Prix, pit you against several other vehicles.

You control your vehicle using the directional keys on your remote, allowing you to swerve in and out of traffic or avoid the road blocks that litter the raceway. If/when you crash into a road block you can pay to continue racing where you left off or you can start over from the beginning. In-app coin purchases range from 50 cents for 300 coins to $1.99 for 500 coins. Yes, it would appear that multiple purchases of smaller amounts is the better deal.

The game tracks your accomplishments for all of the different venues and awards bonuses for improvements.

-- Information is current as of May 6, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: "A fast-paced and addicting racing game" -Drift Racing! Play in Timed, Endurance or Exhibition mode and race against others! Build and customize the cars in your garage and become the best drifter! Exclusively on Roku!

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DEVELOPER: FireArc Technologies

FEES: None, but optional in-app purchases are available

Drift Racing game on Roku
Drift Racing game on Roku
Drift Racing game on Roku
Drift Racing game on Roku
Drift Racing game on Roku