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Doki TV offers subscribers a library of popular Japanese TV series (along with a few movies) subtitled in English. TV series are available in the categories of Action/Suspense/Mystery, Drama, Variety Shows, Romance, and Comedy, while the movies are found under the Thriller/Horror genres.

Titles include Mr. Red Nose, a 10-episode series from 2009 about a just-fired supermarket salesman who becomes a teacher for hospitalized children unable to attend regular school; Matsuko in the Room, a 20-episode series that "introduces everything avant-garde of Japan, from uncovering the latest cultural trends in Harajuku, the original source of the 'kawaii' or 'cute' concept, to focusing on young people dreaming of becoming manga artists;" and Goodbye Ghosts!, a 2016 series in which the emotionally blocked science geek Madoka and the uber-expressive jockette Sachi attend the same college where, although they have nothing in common, a bizarre part-time job brings the two of them closer.

All videos are locked unless you subscribe, but you can browse the entire VOD library and watch free trailers for many of the shows.

-- Information is current as of April 21, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: Watch Japanese TV and movies all with English subtitles here!

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DEVELOPER: Glocal Digital Inc

FEES: $5.25/month through the Doki TV website or $5.49/month through the Roku channel, both with a free 3-day trial.