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Disc Golf Network

Quick Look: Disc golf enthusiasts may enjoy the Disc Golf Network on Roku, which covers sanctioned Disc Golf events from around the country. For those of you not familiar with the game, it is played very much like a traditional game of golf, the biggest difference is you use multiple discs (AKA Frisbee®) in lieu of clubs and balls. There are "Tees" and "Holes," commonly known as a "Pole Hole," which is an elevated metal basket in which the disc must land in. The premise of the game is the same, each is taken from the landing point of the previous shot until you "Sink the putt". The course layouts are similar to golf courses, just much shorter and more narrow and containing numerous obstacles, namely trees and shrubs.

Disc Golf Network contains a live stream that is active only during live tournament broadcasts, as well as on-demand coverage of several previously-played tournaments. The videos are not highlight reels or recaps, but cover the event hole by hole as they do in typical golf tournaments. The current library contains coverage of the 2019 Waco Annual Charity Open, 2019 Memorial Championship as well as archived coverage of the 2004-07 MSDGC and the 2010,2012 Maple Hill/MVP Open.

The following video from Disc Golf Pro Tour is one of the videos currently available on this channel.

-- Information is current as of April 16, 2019

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