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Dino Jump

Quick Look: Dino Jump is a rather simplistic children's game where the object is to jump your dinosaur from one pad to the next. This is dome by using the left and right directional arrows on your remote. The left button will advance your dino one space and the right button will jump your dino two spaces.

The game starts out with 30 seconds on the timer, but there are "clocks" spread throughout the course that add 5 seconds to your remaining time. If you miss a landing spot, don't worry - you are racing the clock, as long as you have time left the game will continue where you missed the jump. As you progress through the game your dinosaur changes forms and colors however the controls remain the same.

A screenshot of the Dino Jump Roku game is shown below.

-- Information is current as of July 23, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: This game is a real roar as you navigate your cute dragon from platform to platform.

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DEVELOPER: PlayWorks Digital LTD

FEES: None