Dino Dodger

Quick Look: Dino Dodger is a Roku game where the object is to navigate your little hang-gliding cave-dude through a series of obstacles that consist of hanging and climbing dinosaurs. Using the UP arrow key or the OK button on the remote will control the up and down movement as you fly in between these obstacles. This sounds easy but there is no way to control how fast your character ascends or descends and running into a dinosaur or touching the ground ends the game.

The game is very similar in nature to the games Birdie and Flying Fish, which play in the same manner.

The game maintains your high score and automatically restarts once your character has been killed.

-- Information is current as of December 5, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Dino Dodger is a about a young boy named Yuval who needs help navigating the dangerous prehistoric jungles. He must dodge dinosaurs at every stage of the game to survive.

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DEVELOPER: Digital Fairway, Inc.

FEES: None