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Quick Look: Darkroom offers viewers a vast collection of independent and mainstream movies that span the globe and the decades. The channel starts you out on the "Featured" category, which consists of a diverse collection of films ranging from Kung-Fu and animated features to indie comedies and original sci-fi films.

If you click your way to the top of the home screen you will find several headers which include Home, Streaming, Festivals and Coming Soon. Most, if not all, of the available content can be found under the Streaming header, which consists of all the typical genres such as Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Drama and Horror. Movies are a mix of vintage classics like "The Lost World", "The House on Haunted Hill", "Night of the Living Dead" and "Suddenly" starring Frank Sinatra, to modern indie films such as "The Line", a crime story about the head of a crime syndicate on the Slovakian-Ukrainian borderlands, and "Suck Me, Shakespeare!", a comedy which details the exploits of an ex-con playing substitute teacher as he tries to uncover the cash he buried under the newly constructed school gym.

Each film provides a brief synopsis and a movie trailer you can preview.

-- Information is current as of February 12, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Saying “I like movies” is like saying “I like food,” or “I wear shirts.” But you’ve found your way to our channel which means you probably aren’t looking for a generic over-the-counter fix. You’ve got a taste for something off the beaten path, something surprising, maybe even a little dangerous. Say no more. Darkroom is about that, sampling the goods in film market back alleys around the world. We’re film and TV junkies, and we get a rush from plucking quality stuff out of obscurity for your viewing pleasure. So welcome, take a look around and, who knows, you might find something memorable.

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