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City Life

Quick Look: City Life is a compilation of videos from YouTube travel vloggers, providing insightful travel tips for destinations around the world. Many of the providers have their own Roku channels with additional content, including the following:

Videos are found in four basic categories: Most Popular, New York City Life, Asia Cities and Canada. Destinations include Rome, New York City, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Banff, Alberta Canada, to name a just few. Each content provider offers a different format discussing various aspects of the cities visited, however they all provide insight on what to do and the best ways to get around town to maximize your experience. Other experiences include dining and accommodations, stores and must do excursions.

Below is one of the many different videos available on the City Life Roku channel

-- Information is current as of May 7, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Explore places to stay on your next vacation. Ways to save money and experience awesome cultural! See the local side of a city life, and explore culinary tradition.

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DEVELOPER: Real News Press

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