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Cartoons World

Quick Look: Cartoons World is a heavily ad-sponsored channel that features cartoons and cartoon segments from a variety of both traditional and non-traditional animated programming. Videos are available in three categories: Naughty Animal with Children, Funny Prank Cartoons, and Cartoons for Kids. Each category as between 9 and 12 videos.

You will not find many entire episodes from the program options. Some of the videos appear to be captured game footage from video games while others are CGI and original compositions.mTitles include "McGruff - Anti-Bullying Film," "Tom and Jerry, Cue Ball Cat (1950)," and "Cartoon Network: 3 Dog Band." One of the videos found on this channel can be viewed below.

-- Information is current as of March 15, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Cartoons World Channel shows different cartoons videos for kids. There are so may characters in Cartoons and this channel covers most of them for Kids.(Channel does not support SD mode)

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DEVELOPER: Total Stream Media

FEES: None