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Cartoon StationQuick Look: Cartoon Station is comprised of a series of On Demand Public Domain television shows cartoons, animated shorts and movies, from the 30's thru the 60's. The shows are separated onto various categories, but there is significant overlap between the groups. Categories and representative subjects are:

  • Featured Cartoons - A random sampling from each genre, 3 Stooges animated, Woody Woodpecker, Gullivers Travels
  • Spinach, Stooges, and More - Popeye, Tom & Jerry (not the cat and mouse duo), Betty Boop
  • Animated Shorts - The Big Bad Wolf, Sinbad the Sailor, Mother Goose, Little Annie Rooney
  • Classic Cartoons - Felix the Cat, Gabby, Betty Boop, Popeye
  • Funny Toons - Abbott & Costello "Africa Screams", Jack and the Beanstalk, Casper the Friendly Ghost
  • Holiday Cartoons - The Night Before Christmas, The Snowman, The Shanty Where Santa Claus Lives
  • Even More Cartoons - Paul Bunyan, Hysterical History, Little Lulu,
  • Musicals - Cab Calloway in HI-DE-HO, Private Buckaroo, Lena Horn in "The Duke is Tops"
  • Fantasy Movies - Hercules, 20,000 Leagues Beneath the Sea, Sword of Lancelot
  • Comedy Films - Toonerville Picnic, Road to Bali (Bing Crosby, Bob Hope), His Girl Friday
  • Family Movies - Lassie, The Painted Hills, Scrooge, Bill and Coo

For more Roku channels featuring classic cartoons, Cartoon Club, Classic Cartoons, Toontime TV and Timeless Toons.

-- Information is current as of July 15, 2014

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