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Brush Work

Quick Look: Brush Work is a Roku theme and screensaver that lets you change the appearance of your Roku's graphical background to display art images and utensils, and display art images while your Roku is idle. Screenshots and the theme images are shown below.

When adding this theme through your Roku device, you will be prompted to set the theme after you install it. To change the theme later, or if you've added it through the Roku website, go to [Settings] in your Roku's home screen, select [Themes], and select your desired theme.

NOTE: Screensavers do not work like regular channels. They must be activated from the Settings menu. See this article for more details on setting up a screensaver on your Roku.

-- Information is current as of November 29, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Embrace your inner artist with this painting inspired theme and screensaver. Dabs of paint, brushes, and canvas all help transform your Roku into a creative space for streaming.

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DEVELOPER: ozone interactive

FEES: Buy for $1.99