Brightlights Poker

Quick Look: Brightlights Poker plays like a real poker game. The game offers you several different modes and locations to play based on your experience and cash level. You start out in The Man Cave with a $200, but as you earn winnings you can move to other destinations like Vegas, Monte Carlo, Riverboat, or Atlantic City, which have higher buy-ins.

Each location offers Texas Hold'em, 7 Card Stud, and 5 Card Draw. The games play exactly like a real casino - you start the game with $200.00 and ante up, hold, check, fold, raise or go All In if you are feeling lucky. If you leave the casino, your purse stays with you to your next destination if you have enough money to buy in. Other nice features about this game are each opponent has a tell that experienced players may be able to pick-up on, and if you fold your hand you can click "Skip" and it moves to the next deal. You can also place a side bet to eliminate an opponent and earn a bonus.

This is the most realistic poker game available on Roku, but it is for entertainment purposes only. There is no monetary payout. Awards are given for certain hands, such as going All In in the first round at the Man Cave, Flush in Atlantic City, or 3 of a Kind in Vegas.

After playing the game for many hands I found that it had a tendency to crash and shut down. Sometimes your information is saved, other times it wasn't. Another glitch have I have come across is that the numbers on the cards do not always appear.

-- Information is current as of August 17, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome to the Brightlights of Poker Mania. Here you can enjoy a full suite of poker options, not only do you get to play the famous Texas Holdem, but you can enjoy five and seven card stud. Learn to play a variety of poker games, and have fun doing it. Play poker against some fun poker players, each with their own specialty skills. Figure them out and beat them at poker to win some fun cool achievements! Play your way through some of the best bright light towns across this great world, but only the best can play at higher stakes table, can you?

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DEVELOPER: Combustion Games

FEES: $1.99 one-time purchase