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Block Smash

Quick Look: Block Smash is a thought-provoking game where every move you make impacts the entire playing field and all subsequent moves. Every playing field is different and has different objectives, whether it be clearing out a certain amount of one color or several different-colored blocks, or moving one or several object objects to the bottom of the field. Each game has a predetermined number of allotted moves to clear the field or obtain the directive.

There are strategies to this game, which include grouping similarly-colored blocks together to create a power block. The design on the block will change to what it can become; click on the block you want to have turned into the power block, which should be strategically located, and all of the blocks will merge into one power block. Power blocks include:

  • 5 or more similarly colored blocks will form a Rocket that clears out an entire row or line
  • 7 or more creates TNT that clears a 3x3 block of squares
  • 9 or more you create a colored xylophone which will remove every similarly colored block

Combining specialty (power) blocks creates complete chaos, clearing out rows, lines and colors, Any remaining moves once the round is completed will be automatically used to give you additional points. There are also Power-ups available which do not count as a move.

-- Information is current as of October 1, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: It's Block Smash time! The top of Roku matching games around the world. Blast your way through hundreds of levels by matching blocks of the same color and combining boosters for huge explosions! With some of the most fascinating puzzles you will ever solve, fun is at the tip of your fingers! With countless possibilities, your talent for puzzle-solving will be the key to mastering Block Smash.

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