Best Western Classics

Quick Look: Best Western Classics contains nine Western films, TV series, and mini-series:

  • Miracle Rider (1935) - Texas Ranger protects Indian lands from being taken over.
  • Johnny Yuma (1966) - The legendary folk hero from the Johnny Cash song comes to life on screen in this tale of brutal revenge, betrayal and six-gun action.
  • The Glory Guys (1965) - What began as a peaceful mission to move the Sioux to reservations turns into one cavalry general's personal, bloody vendetta in this epic, action-packed saga that stars Tom Tryon and Harve Presnell.
  • Gunfighter's Moon (1995) - A notorious gunfighter returns to his ex-wife, who only wants him to save her sheriff husband from being killed by gunmen out to free his condemned prisoner.
  • True Women (1997) - A mini-series covering nearly fifty years of mid-19th-century turmoil, from the tumultuous Texas Revolution to the early women's suffrage movement; a gripping tale of endurance, love, and above all, gritty female determination.
  • The Great Train Robbery (1903) - Featuring the first parallel development of separate, simultaneous scenes, and the first close-up, this silent film is among the earliest Western films.
  • The Squaw Man (1914) - A chivalrous British officer takes the blame for his cousin's embezzlement and journeys to the American West to start a new life on a cattle ranch.
  • By the Sun's Rays (1914) - A company detective goes undercover to expose a gang that uses inside information to rob gold shipments.
  • The General (1926) - When Union spies steal an engineer's beloved locomotive, he pursues it single-handedly and straight through enemy lines.

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Developer's Channel Description: Tired of modern saccharine films and craving to find something authentic and masculine? Then get in, sit comfortably back, and prepare for a virtual adventure of a lifetime. You'll dissolve into the romance of crimson canyons, scorched prairies, and five-shot colts. The Best Western Classics channel boasts to gather the western genre on all its diversity. Western is not about gun play and robberies but it is a way deeper and quintessential. Westerns also teach values of integrity, honesty, racial tolerance, hard work, and a burning sense of justice.

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