Beani Kids TV

Beani Kids TV has a library of children's videos from YouTube creators that include Family Fun Pack, Pingu, Scratch Garden, Dude it's David, and more. There are currently eighteen video series available, including the following:

  • Early Learners
  • Fun With The Family
  • Scratch Garden
  • Savannah Kids
  • Family Fun Pack
  • Pingu
  • Construction Squad

There is a variety of content, with family video blogs (for example, "Filling Our Entire Pool With World's Largest Floats Challange" and "Crazy Family Night Routine With 7 Kids!"), nursery rhymes ("Little Bunny Foo Foo Camp Song"), music ("Top Christmas Songs for Kids"), and animated series. A video available on the Beani Kids TV Roku app can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of March 11, 2024

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: is a kids content brand that delivers safe, fun, programming to children ages 3-8. Beani’s videos—both live and recorded—strive to create a sense of belonging and community. Kids immediately connect to our content because all of it feature real kids doing real things, whether learning the alphabet, singing songs, playing games, or learning to cook, or watching an unboxing, or just spending time with a family. Whether original or curated, all of our videos are selected by the Beani team, not impersonal algorithms.

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