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Be The Light Spiritual Network Quick Look: Be the Light Spiritual Network is part of the Be the Light Metaphysical Center in New Port Richey, Florida. The channel is comprised of various medias, including instructional videos, live stream radio, live and archived services from Be The Light Chapel, Paranormal Investigators, and a "children's show" called Friends of Rupert's.

  • Friends of Rupert - Attempts to explain their beliefs and philosophies to children through song and short videos
  • Video Guided Meditations - A series of audio/video meditations
  • Audio Meditations - Audio-only meditation music
  • Be The Light Television - Live and archived video of their services
  • Be The Light Radio - A live stream of meditation music
  • True Psychics Network - Consists of on demand video from the following contributors: Psychic Horizons Show, Food Alchemist, The Rev Heather DeLusso Show, Spiritual Insight Show, Blue Moon Paranormal

-- Information is current as of August 19, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Online programming for kids with the perfect blend of fun and learning that helps the left & the right brained child learn through experiences.

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DEVELOPER: Be The Light Metaphysical

FEES: None

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