BBQ Pit Lords

BBQ Pit Lords Quick Look: BBQ Pit Lords is a collection of videos from some of your favorite backyard chefs. The developers of this channel have collected some of the more popular videos from their other channels and placed them all here. You will find BBQ recipes from Ballistic BBQ, Dude Food, Grilling and Smoking, and Mothers BBQ, plus several other additions.

For most of the channels there are between 20-40 submissions with easy to follow directions including proper preparation and cooking instructions. The menu selection is very random depending on the contributor, but you can expect to find some of your favorite backyard delicacies like various chicken wing, ribs, steaks, and burger recipes, as well as a handful of sides. For those of you who are a little grill shy, several of the contributors provide simple to follow recipes for both the vegetarian and meat-lover alike that can be prepared in the kitchen.

The contributors include: 815BBQ, Ballistic BBQ, Cooking Outdoors, Dude Food, Grilling and Smoking, Grilling Network, Mothers BBQ, Root Boy Slim, Slippery Chicken BBQ, Smokey Ribs, Tdjtx (no that is not a typo) my guess would be TDJ Texas.

-- Information is current as of November 24, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Join BBQ Pit Lords for a mouth-watering experience showcasing outdoor cooking at its finest. We have all the grilling, barbecuing and smoking recipes you will ever need.

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc

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