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AwareChannelsQuick Look: AwareChannels itself is a Roku channel developer. In one of the worst Roku channel design decisions I've seen, this channel plays a 30-second infomercial for the developer every time you load the channel, before you even see the content offered. After a 15-second display of the splash screen, that's 45 seconds before you get to the channel's main menu.

If you waited that long, the first menu item you'll find is information about AwareChannels, including an opportunity to view an extended version of that infomercial that the channel opens with. The other available categories offer unrelated collections of videos apparently harvested from various locations on the Web. The Education category contains eight videos from Speakstv has a single movie trailer, Roku tutorials, Oprah videos, and some videos labeled as "private" that generate an error. There are other categories with videos on random topics if you care to poke around.

-- Information is current as of April 28, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: Aware Channels is a corporation that provides diverse quality videos, music and entertainment programs that creates an inspirational, motivational and an unforgettable experience for our viewers.

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DEVELOPER: Aware Channels, LLC

FEES: None

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