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Quick Look: Avail TV presents films from Avail Entertainment and XVIII Entertainment LLC, described as "a boutique Film & TV Distribution Company... with a strong focus on Independent Films distribution and production." In addition to a small selection of international short films, the Avail TV Roku channel includes a number of independent full-length films in categories that include Action and Adventure, Indie Art House, Sci-Fi, Horror and Thriller and Kids and Family.

Titles currently listed as "most popular" include '3 Doors From Paradise', a 2018 drama about an autistic man who struggles to find and protect a new life on his own after being forced out of his group home; 'Come Out Fighting', a classic tale of love and survival in the brutal world of bare knuckle fighting; and 'Hopelessly Ever After', a story about three men travel who to the Philippines to search for the love of their lives but find that their lives are not important to the woman they find.

If you can't decide what to watch, Avail TV also includes a live stream.

-- Information is current as of December 6, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Avail Entertainment LLC brings a new look to traditional programming with a new streaming channel with both Live TV and pre-recorded shows. Enjoy new movies and television programming here on Avail TV.

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