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Autism Stories

Quick Look: Autism Stories provides content to help people know what is like to live with autism. According to the channel developer, interview with parents, autistics, and professionals provide insight into the lives of people affected by autism. Video categories include:

  • This Month on Autism Stories
  • Support and Therapies
  • Advice and Opinion
  • Personal Stories
  • Full Length Interviews

The channel has ten free videos, including a profile of Greg, who works as data analyst; an interview with Joanne Lara, the executive director of Autism Movement Therapy and Autism Works Now; and advice from Matt Asner. All other content requires a subscription to stream, but you can browse the video library for free.

-- Information is current as of December 21, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Autism Stories is the first video platform dedicated to Autism. Set up by Remi Tetot and Alex Plank, both with their unique Autism stories, we interview parents, Autistics and professionals to give you a unique insight into the lives of people affected by Autism.

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DEVELOPER: Autism Stories SEZC

FEES: $109.99/year with a 7-day free trial

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